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My larger floor cloths are on display in Festival Hall with Jelly in Pembrooke gallery she has there. It is worth a visitOntario. What a beautiful

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There I go!Joanne_F C 029

Sensational Art Chair Auction

This is the poster to look for that has this chair on it to make sure you get directions to the auction in Portage du Fort QC. this coming Saturday….there are over 40 beautiful chairs on auction created byy artists here to support the ongoing Pontiac School of the Artschair_color 002

Creating with a novice….

House arden_Garry 009

Summer of 2014

So much happened this summer that was quite thrilling for me. I taught art, sold art, shared ideas about art created art to donate for fundraisers and individuals, displayed art in new venues and got a 150 cc two wheel step-through to scoot about the island! How great is that?


Floor cloths then and now…

Floor cloths then and now...


Traditional floor cloths

Traditional floor cloths

I have finally completed the original style floor cloth that I began creating this winter. I am so pleased with the way they turned out. This one is just small….2′ x 3’…note there is no need for a hem when you apply several coats of paint.

Floor cloth finished and installed….


Moving to the Island….

It has been a wild spring so far. Lots of art involvements….Art Battle….new floor coverings created by lovely volunteer artists to grace the floors of our Stone School Gallery stairwell landings….the second one is on the way! Creating a fabulous chair for the Art Chair Auction coming in the fall.  I’ll be giving several art courses this summer in the studio on the island. Will be great fun!

I’ll start with the creation of the floor cloth…..Image 

Beyond the Bag…..

Several artists art taking part again this year in a display of creativity….what can be created from a jute coffee bean bag….come see…it will be fun! We call it “Beyond the Bag….Au dela du sac” Where? Art Brulant”….305-f  Main Street,Shawville Quebec. 









Art you can walk on….Saturday at Jelly Massee’s gallery Art Gallery and Studio now open in the Pembroke Mews, 142 Pembroke Street West, Pembroke, Ontario

Art you can walk on....Saturday at Jelly Massee's gallery Art Gallery and Studio now open in the Pembroke Mews, 142 Pembroke Street West, Pembroke, Ontario


The Egg Hunt’s over….back to the ol’ grind

The Egg Hunt's over....back to the ol' grind


Happy Easter…..

Happy Easter.....

This is how we feel after our delicious meal!


Finished square….

Finished square....

I will do another one and post it as I work on it.


Barn Quilt Square

Barn Quilt Square

This is the beginning of a practice for a small barn quilt square that I worked on this winter.

More Beets

I have started two smaller studies of the beets and this time have used a dark canvas, 12 x 12  inches. I traces my drawings onto the base coated canvases. I began by whiting in the leaves, adding a little yellow  and began the buildup of greens. Then the reds were added to the beets and veins .ImageImageImage

Beets 2

I want to refine the color and shape of the  leaves now so I whited out the area to work onImage




Then I added the red which will be worked over thoroughly till I am satisfied with the look.


Let the beets begin……

Let the beets begin......

This is my new theme….. from my summer garden last year. I began by drawing it out with chalk, right on the canvas. Then I started to add colour.


Let the beets begin…..

Let the beets begin.....


New direction….

New direction....

My art works are now moving from the floor to the wall….for those who would tell me ….”I can’t walk on that…”
I will continue to post the progress and shape that this canvas takes.
Here are my ideas for this year….

This is the year to “join order and charm”

This is the year to “Be who I am”

My creativity is born “where darkness and light meet”

Give myself permission to market myself

Create a balance in my art life
I am really big on balance, I need it and need to remind myself of it always.


Larger squares on second floor cloth….

Larger squares on second floor cloth....


Diamonds… the…

Diamonds… the diamonds are actually squares and I now have to decide what will finish one off and how I will approach the larger diamonds. They are both approximately 24 X 35 inches and this may change by a few inches as the design somehow created an imbalance from length to width remaining for a border. I will not trim the floor cloth until the design is done in future. Having trimmed it first does not allow me to obtain the size I had intended.


Diamonds and a fine order….

Diamonds and a fine order....