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Change is not always a good thing!

Does anyone know how to insert a photo? They changed everything again and it is not simpler!!!!

Hey…..I’m back!!!

I am not doing anything fancy with this blog. It may disappear again! What an off season I am having. I am mainly absorbed in a course to be certified as a Life Coach! Love it but it has not allowed me much time to create as I usually did. One thing I have been experimenting with is painting on leather. And, of course, I am using my favorite superhero Wonder Woman as inspiration. I made one barroom table top as well. I will post them .
Welcome back to the beautiful spring we are having. Hope you are having a wonderful holiday week end too!

My larger floor cloths are on display in Festival Hall with Jelly in Pembrooke gallery she has there. It is worth a visitOntario. What a beautiful

Need more direction on posting…. This should read, “What a beautiful gallery Jelly manages at Festival Hall.

Gallerie Gallera

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There I go!Joanne_F C 029

Sensational Art Chair Auction

This is the poster to look for that has this chair on it to make sure you get directions to the auction in Portage du Fort QC. this coming Saturday….there are over 40 beautiful chairs on auction created byy artists here to support the ongoing Pontiac School of the Artschair_color 002

Creating with a novice….

House arden_Garry 009

Summer of 2014

So much happened this summer that was quite thrilling for me. I taught art, sold art, shared ideas about art created art to donate for fundraisers and individuals, displayed art in new venues and got a 150 cc two wheel step-through to scoot about the island! How great is that?


Floor cloths then and now…

Floor cloths then and now...