Artists Studio


Summer of 2017

Well here we are again and I have finished illustrating the second children’s book. “Fang’s kittens at the fair” is the title that Muriel and I  are going with at the moment. This may change though….We are checking out different publishing companies and will decide who to go with  but nothing is set as yet.

I have moved into the studio / gallery in Swisha and the rain just will not let up…..?? climate change??

I am practicing watercolor more and trying to keep up a journal of it all.

I’ll post more later and hopefully photos of the season’s involvements from my ipad.

Great to be back!Summer art_2015 085


The Dumoine River

Book Dumoine

Wally’s book on the Dumoine River is a great read telling of its history . I have one on display in the gallery.

April 1st….got stung once!!

I’ts a few days later ….April 3rd as I was unable to do anything with photos….I believe I have figured it out though. I have been working in the studio and decided to approach my art daily again….finally….It’s working out well for a week now. Lots getting done.

Working on the “Beyond the Bag” or” Au dela du Sac”  exhibition which is held each May at Art Brulant & Impressions. It’s fun! I have discovered this show called “from the basement” on CRACkLE. Listening to this great music which gives me the energy to create in ways I had not dreamed of. It’s all good!! Look for this same card ….only change will be the year! (Haven’t got the photo thing figured out yet! lolBey Bag_ FC 017


Book Dumoine

“The Last of the Wild Rivers” by Wally Schaber

Wally has finally published his ‘long awaited for’ book on the beautiful Dumoine river. He will be giving a talk about it through the Pontiac Historical Society, here in Shawville next week, Friday, January 22, at 2:00 p m. It will be at the old Massonic Lodge on Main Street.

Admission is free.

Happy New Year!

As urged by another, I will enter the new year with a fresh perspective, balance and joy in my heart.I am so fortunate that creativity is food for my soul as I embark on the year with the intention of continuing to create and to teach others how they can heal themselves, their wounded soul, through creativity. Because the soul streams wishes into being my plan is also to meditate, plan and brainstorm….on my own and with others! This is my shift for this year. My immediate goal is to recreate my sketch into a painting….oil ?….watercolor? You will see. So enjoy the last of the holiday and trust that you are growing and progressing as your heart desires….I am.Summer art_2015 080