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This is rocket science! However, I am back!


In the studio, listening to Mose Alison and drawing my heart out…..what a life!

In the studio, listening to Mose Alison and drawing my heart out....what a life

Hello world!

I have been trying unsuccessfully to get into my site and blog but this time it worked. I have no idea why!

Having a very busy summer. I taught a workshop on floor cloths, attended the Artists in Residency Program and have been chosen to attend (CPAWS) Canadian Parks and Wilderness’s Art Camp on the Dumoine River. I am  really looking forward to it. I have been drawing and painting so I will be loosened up for it. I am actually keeping an art journal again.

Work that was produced from the Residency program is showing at “Art Brulant and Impressions” gallery in Shawville.

Muriel Davies and I have a second children’s book at the publisher and the proof is in the mail as I type this. Exciting!

Pontiac Artists in Residence program.

Peter carved this beauty with a chainsaw….very fine work and makes it look so easy….


CPAWS Art Camp I have been chosen to spend a week up in the wilds of the Dumoine River to paint outdoors. I am so excited! The staff stopped by my studio/gallery today to update me on their plans as they were on their way there. It was really inspiring for me. Thanks girls and John.

Summer of 2017

Well here we are again and I have finished illustrating the second children’s book. “Fang’s kittens at the fair” is the title that Muriel and I  are going with at the moment. This may change though….We are checking out different publishing companies and will decide who to go with  but nothing is set as yet.

I have moved into the studio / gallery in Swisha and the rain just will not let up…..?? climate change??

I am practicing watercolor more and trying to keep up a journal of it all.

I’ll post more later and hopefully photos of the season’s involvements from my ipad.

Great to be back!Summer art_2015 085


The Dumoine River

Book Dumoine

Wally’s book on the Dumoine River is a great read telling of its history . I have one on display in the gallery.

April 1st….got stung once!!

I’ts a few days later ….April 3rd as I was unable to do anything with photos….I believe I have figured it out though. I have been working in the studio and decided to approach my art daily again….finally….It’s working out well for a week now. Lots getting done.

Working on the “Beyond the Bag” or” Au dela du Sac”  exhibition which is held each May at Art Brulant & Impressions. It’s fun! I have discovered this show called “from the basement” on CRACkLE. Listening to this great music which gives me the energy to create in ways I had not dreamed of. It’s all good!! Look for this same card ….only change will be the year! (Haven’t got the photo thing figured out yet! lolBey Bag_ FC 017


Book Dumoine

“The Last of the Wild Rivers” by Wally Schaber

Wally has finally published his ‘long awaited for’ book on the beautiful Dumoine river. He will be giving a talk about it through the Pontiac Historical Society, here in Shawville next week, Friday, January 22, at 2:00 p m. It will be at the old Massonic Lodge on Main Street.

Admission is free.

Happy New Year!

As urged by another, I will enter the new year with a fresh perspective, balance and joy in my heart.I am so fortunate that creativity is food for my soul as I embark on the year with the intention of continuing to create and to teach others how they can heal themselves, their wounded soul, through creativity. Because the soul streams wishes into being my plan is also to meditate, plan and brainstorm….on my own and with others! This is my shift for this year. My immediate goal is to recreate my sketch into a painting….oil ?….watercolor? You will see. So enjoy the last of the holiday and trust that you are growing and progressing as your heart desires….I am.Summer art_2015 080

Christmas 2015

O M G! I am back into my blog! Keep forgetting or losing the password….This is rocket science to me and I have decided to meet the challenge this New Year so here is a summary of this past fall. First I must say that I lost my camera and am unable to bring visuals of the last floor cloth class that took place on the magical island. It was really exciting how the 4 girls just took to the process and created exactly what they chose with little experience with paint. Wow, you had to be there!

I will also post the sketch and painting I did while sharing an afternoon at the chutes with Sheila this end of summer. I have also some great shots of Louise’s floor cloth completed. It is light, fun and yet action filled….her joi de vivre! Oh, Marilyn came over and created her huge floor cloth for the cabin. Another must see. I will attempt to post a photo now. Oh, hang in there as Liz will be bringing me up to date with this blog too after the New Year is celebrated properly.


Art Residency Program…..

I spent all last week at the Pontiac Art residency program and it was so wonderful! I learned so many new ways to create, recreate and even learned how to use material that is found in a hardware store !  Who knew? This program allows artists from away to join the artists from the Pontiac to come learn from the best while they are housed and fed by us.

The following are pics from that week and I will post my practices that I created today with Sheila McGreggor here on the island up at the Chutes. What a smashing day we had! We are definitely doing this again soon! I also started working on new floor cloths and the view from the water’s edge in front of my studio.

July is here and so am I….

It is off to a cool start with a bit of rain but last I checked, my garden was happy! I will now have my Gallery open every Friday Saturday and Sunday except for the week of the 20th of July at which time I am taking part in the Residency Program for artists in the Pontiac and teaching “Art You Can Walk On”, at Pontiac School of the Arts on the week end of 25 and 26 of July. The studio and Gallery are filled with beautiful Heritage art work by Jelly Massee and Wildlife Photographer Robert Mirault.My work is there too, so come take a look, relax and have a wonderful Crepes,Coffee or great smoothie at the Nanabush Cafe, Get some fries and  burger at Swisha Spuds and sit on the docks, deck or on your boat and enjoy this beautiful little island. We are all situated on the water in the center of the Village lovingly called “Swisha”

I want to give you a visual (photos taken by my friend Kate Aley while she stayed at the lodge a few years ago.2012_0114Swisha0156 2012_0114Swisha0188 2012_0114Swisha0090 2012_0114Swisha0183 2012_0114Swisha0086 2012_0114Swisha0253 2012_0114Swisha0200

Upcoming art course with Pontiac School of the Arts.


The long week end was beautiful!

I want to add a wonderful poster today that someone pinned on my board.Self Worth Floorcloths2015poster

My bike…..

I just can’t wait to get this on the road again. It’s a TOMOS….great for the island on a warm sunny day!Joanne_F C 029


F C _ WW shoes 011

Shoes…old curling shoes

F C _ WW shoes 016

Painting on leather….now remember…I’m a newbee…

W W purse

W W purse

Change is not always a good thing!

Does anyone know how to insert a photo? They changed everything again and it is not simpler!!!!

Hey…..I’m back!!!

I am not doing anything fancy with this blog. It may disappear again! What an off season I am having. I am mainly absorbed in a course to be certified as a Life Coach! Love it but it has not allowed me much time to create as I usually did. One thing I have been experimenting with is painting on leather. And, of course, I am using my favorite superhero Wonder Woman as inspiration. I made one barroom table top as well. I will post them .
Welcome back to the beautiful spring we are having. Hope you are having a wonderful holiday week end too!

Last entry for this sitting….Mary’s practice for her birch tree floor cloth which is beautiful!

Shower_Berch F C 026

My larger floor cloths are on display in Festival Hall with Jelly in Pembrooke gallery she has there. It is worth a visitOntario. What a beautiful

Need more direction on posting…. This should read, “What a beautiful gallery Jelly manages at Festival Hall.

Gallerie Gallera

Garden_Swisha_home 041

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