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About Tina

Tina Michaud has a number of distinctly different creative interests, one of which has been researching and creating authentic floor cloths. Over the last  8 years her passion has grown into sharing with and teaching others this art form. Tina’s floor cloth classes have been ongoing these last 4 years.

Tina’s current work is influenced by history and guided by colour resulting in an expression of artistic whimsy and fun. She focuses on layering her canvas with color and form creating both traditional and imaginatively styled designs on the floor cloths.

Nominated for the Quebec Community Newspaper Association award in political cartooning, Tina’s illustrations appear in presentations, newsletters, web sites and toolkits.

Tina has a diverse education and training in the arts obtained from Halliburton College in Ontario, Concordia University in Montreal, as well as private lessons in Cartooning and Japanese Art.

Born in Cornwall Ontario, Tina has lived most of her life in Quebec. Although she grew up in the Eastern Townships, Montreal was her home for twenty years. Tina began teaching and displaying different art forms in Montreal and continues to do so in Shawville her home of 18 years.

Life’s changes have permitted Tina to embrace her art fully while maintaining two studios and a gallery of her own. Tina’s work is permanently displayed in her own studio and gallery, “Gallerie Gallera” located in Rapids des Joachims (Swisha), Quebec, where she displays several art exhibitions for contributing artists.  The gallery is located in the Pointe au Pin Lodge; a historical setting circa 1906 and is venue to workshops, classes, and retreats for the creatively inclined.

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