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Hello world!

I have been trying unsuccessfully to get into my site and blog but this time it worked. I have no idea why!

Having a very busy summer. I taught a workshop on floor cloths, attended the Artists in Residency Program and have been chosen to attend (CPAWS) Canadian Parks and Wilderness’s Art Camp on the Dumoine River. I am  really looking forward to it. I have been drawing and painting so I will be loosened up for it. I am actually keeping an art journal again.

Work that was produced from the Residency program is showing at “Art Brulant and Impressions” gallery in Shawville.

Muriel Davies and I have a second children’s book at the publisher and the proof is in the mail as I type this. Exciting!


One response

  1. Loved seeing you and my stay in the attic! Floor cloth course as awesome! Love my final product !!!

    July 26, 2017 at 7:56 pm

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