Artists Studio

Summer of 2017

Well here we are again and I have finished illustrating the second children’s book. “Fang’s kittens at the fair” is the title that Muriel and I  are going with at the moment. This may change though….We are checking out different publishing companies and will decide who to go with  but nothing is set as yet.

I have moved into the studio / gallery in Swisha and the rain just will not let up…..?? climate change??

I am practicing watercolor more and trying to keep up a journal of it all.

I’ll post more later and hopefully photos of the season’s involvements from my ipad.

Great to be back!Summer art_2015 085



One response

  1. Valerie Glover-Drolet

    Tina terrific ,that you are back illustrating childrens rock girl,loved the other book..hope this will be just as great.

    June 6, 2017 at 7:33 pm

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