Artists Studio

April 1st….got stung once!!

I’ts a few days later ….April 3rd as I was unable to do anything with photos….I believe I have figured it out though. I have been working in the studio and decided to approach my art daily again….finally….It’s working out well for a week now. Lots getting done.

Working on the “Beyond the Bag” or” Au dela du Sac”  exhibition which is held each May at Art Brulant & Impressions. It’s fun! I have discovered this show called “from the basement” on CRACkLE. Listening to this great music which gives me the energy to create in ways I had not dreamed of. It’s all good!! Look for this same card ….only change will be the year! (Haven’t got the photo thing figured out yet! lolBey Bag_ FC 017


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