Artists Studio

Christmas 2015

O M G! I am back into my blog! Keep forgetting or losing the password….This is rocket science to me and I have decided to meet the challenge this New Year so here is a summary of this past fall. First I must say that I lost my camera and am unable to bring visuals of the last floor cloth class that took place on the magical island. It was really exciting how the 4 girls just took to the process and created exactly what they chose with little experience with paint. Wow, you had to be there!

I will also post the sketch and painting I did while sharing an afternoon at the chutes with Sheila this end of summer. I have also some great shots of Louise’s floor cloth completed. It is light, fun and yet action filled….her joi de vivre! Oh, Marilyn came over and created her huge floor cloth for the cabin. Another must see. I will attempt to post a photo now. Oh, hang in there as Liz will be bringing me up to date with this blog too after the New Year is celebrated properly.



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