Artists Studio

March Break and I ‘m back on line…

I have been busy illustrating a children’s story with Muriel Davies all winter. It is done now! Feeeuuff!!

I have been at it for three years.  Thank’s to the goodness of my friend and author Muriel’s enormous patients with the process, we are done! As soon as the first copy is ready you will be the first t know about it.  I am back now!

I wanted to start with a proverb I read when I was in my early years that stuck with me.

It’s an Arabian proverb….

A friend is one

to whom one may pour

out all of the contents

of one’s heart,

chaff and grain together

knowing that the

gentlest of hands

will take and sift it,

keep what is worth keeping

and with a breath of kindness

blow the rest away.

And so….May the day be all that you hope for!


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