Artists Studio

Keeping you up to date….

I have been actively working on illustration and floor cloths.

A beautiful article  about this area and the lodge appeared in the Ottawa Citizen written by Paula McLaughlin. In it she includes work by the photographer  Robert Mirault which is on display here in the gallery.  It is so lovely to have these beautiful animals and birds gracing my walls. A popular one is of the a wolf with a raven. Today a visitor laughed at the sight of a huge moose wading in a lily pond…great shot! The loon in action doing his mating dance remains a winner too!

I took some photos of my work on the floor cloths as they progress.

Whimsy without shoes!













Closer look for Laurel and Pam…my silent mentors!

Flowered leaves on berry background.










Shoes are still present however….

Pink shoes 'n pine-needles This is ongoing work on a huge floor cloth I draw the leaf I want to see on it and make a template then away I go...











The loons are talking to each other as I type this… life is good!


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