Artists Studio

The group that stayed at the lodge…plus one!

Great group!










Joyce then demonstrated how to achieve this beautiful composition of the pine tree leaning over the water with a few rocks at the base. Everyone was mesmerized as she painted!












A glorious time was had by all and we had our final viewing of all the works that afternoon.

Students felt confident enough to jump in and go it alone, creating their own compositions

using acquired skills from the workshop.



















“Wee-beastiology” !! …a work in progress

And so….we are all nicely tucked into our homes again and I have

set up the studio to tackle three floor cloths that are well started.

I think I finished with my own pine  tree over the water and rocks.

Jim continues to insist that the tree should not have flowered but hey…what does

he know about my art…my tree?? Let him paint his own without flowers, I say!





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