Artists Studio

And so I begin….

I found this strip I had created a number of years ago and it speaks volumes ….at least right now while I try to create this blog. It is much like the blank space or page that just doesn’t want to fill up!! The little character, Magnolia, is looking for me actually, or my pen…..She waits for me to be inspired, hunts for ideas for me and in the end tries to climb out of the frame out of pure frustration! Ever have a day like that?

Back to the real blog….. My intention for the moment, is to record ideas on mentoring, on creating art, particularly floor cloths and on events related to the island, where all this takes place. Right now I am busy creating. Everything that could go wrong did last week so here’s hoping today is smooth. As soon as I charge the battery to my camera I will upload some of my recent work. But I must find the battery charger first!

Someone once said,  “The first step to successful creativity is showing up and making a start”  



One response

  1. Liz W

    Hi Tina,

    So glad you have made a start! The hardest thing is looking at a new, blank sheet of paper and wondering how it will ever be filled.

    It will only get easier, and I look forward to many more posts!

    May 2, 2011 at 4:57 pm

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